Line One Properties, LLC.

About the Company

Line One Properties, LLC.

Livonia, LA

Crawfish Farm

General worker needed for crawfish farm. Work includes tractor driving, field prep, water maint, fertilize, plant and harvest of crop. Field prep includes operate farm equipment, manual shovel work and hoeing of weeds, spot spray and gen farm labor. Help repair and maintain bldgs, equip, farm, fences, field, levees, ponds, properties, roads and shop. Load and unload. May operate motorized crawfish boat and/or walk/push boat. Crawfishing involves manually cutting up of fish bait, set traps, bait and check traps. Grade, wash, sack and ice crawfish for shipment, make and repair traps as needed. Pickup/deliver crawfish as required. May deliver crop to coolers or market.

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