About the Company

Landmark is a member-owned cooperative business providing agronomyanimal nutritiongrainenergy and retail, and financial products, services and solutions to over 15,000 members in communities throughout southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and eastern Iowa.

Landmark will look to maintain a high focus on operational excellence. Our goal is to continue to create a nimble, but opportunistic driven company. With the current challenges in the Ag economy it is very likely that opportunities will continue to present themselves to Landmark both internally and externally. The continued focus on divisional cross collaboration will be a very high priority. As external opportunities arise, we will analyze them thoroughly. Capitalizing on the winners and passing on the not so fortunate ones. Recently we have fully engaged in a new safety platform and culture that will provide better working knowledge to all employees on how to stay safe at all times. At the end of the day we want all our employees to work in a safe environment and return home each day to their families.

Company Overview
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