Cardinal Landing Farms

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Cardinal Landing Farms

Science Hill, KY

H2A Available Jobs

Farmwork, Cattle

Cattle Workers will ensure cattle are feed daily during early spring to early summer months when there is no pasture for cattle to graze until grass begins to grow to ensure cattle maintain good health weight. Worker may operate machinery to broadcast fertilizer or operate seed drill for seeding or reseeding pasture grasses. Workers may move cattle to alternating pastures on farm to give pasture grounds rest for grass to begin to grow in areas where cattle have been kept during winter month. Worker may operate tractors with hay fork to move round bales of hay to pastures and set in feed rings and/or feed out square bales of hay loaded onto truck or wagon and spread out by hand to help reduce hay wastage. Workers will also feed out corn grain to cattle by emptying 50-75 lb. bags of grain in troughs or driving feed truck, equipped with cakefeed in bed of truck to fill troughs. Workers will also ensure cattle have plenty of water either by ensuring ice is broken on frozen ponds, branches or cement ponds or by filling water troughs with water hose while cold weather persists. Workers may also be required to check on pregnant heifers due to calving in the spring. Ensure that heifers who calf during the cold weather are got up in the proper shelter, if needed, before giving birth to reduce the risk of losing both cow and calf

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