Artesian Honey Producers Inc

About the Company

Artesian Honey Producers Inc

Artesian, SD

Categorized under Beekeepers. Records show it was established in 1952 and incorporated in South Dakota.

JOBS:  Beekeeping

Bring bees out of wintering and assess health, feed and supplement bees to increase strength and overall health; raise honey bees to produce honey and maintain colony health; find and cage queens, install queen cells; assembles bee hives, inserts honeycomb of bees into hives; forces bees from hives; uncaps harvested honeycombs and extracts approx. 75 pounds of honey from honeycombs; must be able to lift 75 pound boxes for honey transport; transporting bee boxes from hives to extracting facility; driving farm vehicle to obtain supplies, honey extracting equipment, and misc. tools used to work with honey bees; minor daily and incidental upkeep to equipment, worksite, and colony boxes.

Company Overview
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