About the Company

Anderson Vineyards Inc.

Philo, CA

Vineyard Worker

Shoot thinning (removal of unwanted green shoots to properly develop the balance and vigor of the grapevine), Pruning Grape Vines, Vine Training (securing the tender green growth to trellis wires or stake to help hold the vines growth in a manageable form. Installing trellis stakes (manually inserting metal or wooden trellising stakes into the ground for assisting in securing grapevines green shoots. Removing weeds and brush under vines using shovels and long handled hoes (longer than 4 feet). Harvesting Grapes (removing the ripe fruit from the vine with a picking knife and placing into a 30 lbs. picking tub, then dumping the tub into a larger micro bin for transport). Tying (securing the vine to the trellis).


Company Overview
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