Adam Bros. Farming, Inc.

About the Company

Adam Bros. Farming, Inc.

Santa Maria, CA


Job Classification:   Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse

Field Workers to perform the following duties: Celery Harvest: Field worker to harvest celery, organic and conventional. Cut, bunch, cello bag, pack, and load fresh celery in the field on the farm. Packing is done on harvesting machine by using hands and cutting knife. Employee will bend at the waist and pick off the ground the stalk of celery to be packed. The stalk will be placed in a carton that is on a machine moving through the field next to the employee. Cutting is done using a harvesting hand knife and bending at the waist, the employee cuts the stalk from the roots and trims the outer stalks from the stalk to prepare it to be packed into a cartons, totes, or bins. After celery is packed, the cartons are lifted onto a trailer and placed on pallets. The processes are repeated. Broccoli Harvest: Field workers will harvest broccoli by walking in assigned furrows behind a harvesting machine, selecting size and weight of broccoli heads to be harvested as specified by supervisor.

Company Overview
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